Cleaning a Side by Side Fridge

American Fridge Cleaning

Cleaning a Side by Side Fridge

Granted, it's not the most pleasant task, but if you want to enjoy your American fridge for as long as possible, you can't help but need to clean your side by side refrigerator once in a while. A clean refrigerator is better for food security and energy consumption. Therefore, give your refrigerator a thorough cleaning once every three months. But what is the best way to go about it. We explain what you should consider when cleaning a Side by Side refrigerator.

1. switch off the refrigerator

Switch off the refrigerator by removing the plug from the socket or, if present, by pressing in the switch. If you would not do this, the compressor of the refrigerator will start again and again because the refrigerator wants more cold. It is best to clean your refrigerator before you go shopping for the week because it is then as empty as possible.

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